October 5, 2010


This year, we are offering new shapes for photo Christmas cards!  They are double sided and can be printed on linen, shimmer, watercolor, or matte cardstock.  They range from $2 to $3 a piece depending on the design, and include addressed envelopes!  We can also add a hole punch to the round card, creating a cute ornament!

These can also be used for baby announcements!

Also,  this year we will be selling electronic copies of the rectangular 4×6 or 5×7 Holiday cards for $15.  That way, you can print them on your own or have them printed on photo paper at Walgreens or CostCo!  If you would rather have them on nice cardstock but want to save some money, consider sending postcards.  It eliminates the cost of the envelope, and the postage is less expensive!

If you are too busy to remember to send out Christmas cards in December, we can design Thanksgiving or New Year’s cards!

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