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October 17, 2009


Christmas 9

Christmas 16

I love Christmas! I love checking the mail every day to see the beautiful Christmas cards from friends and family. It is Fall (well hopefully after this weekend, the triple digit temps will go down here in AZ) and that means it is time to take family portraits. Whether you will have your photos taken by a pro or you will take them yourself, you will want a good one for your Holiday cards. I have clients that love sending cards before Thanksgiving, while some send them for New Year’s. December is a crazy month, so I highly recommend an early start. I included a preview of a couple of my designs. We can create an elaborate layered card, a tri-fold card with multiple photos, mini photo albums, or a simple and cost-effective custom photo card.

A huge thanks to Emily of EME Photography for the photos for my Christmas card samples!

May 19, 2009

Melanie and Kirk used bright, vibrant colors for their wedding at the Boojum TreeSandy Walker of In Awe Weddings helped them create a beautiful event.  Melanie and Kirk used a red pocket with a bright paper flower on the outside flap for their wedding invitation.  Inside, we created custom graphics in red, yellow, and green.  We carried their artwork through to program fans, reserved signs, and thank you notes.  Melanie was such a happy bride!  Her bridal party shared her excitement for every aspect of the wedding.  These amazing photos were taken by Emily Estfan.  If you would like to see more, make sure you visit her blog at

January 29, 2009

Julia and Mike were a really fun, energetic couple.  It was impossible not to smile while spending time with them.  Julia loves polka dots, so we brought them into some of the other paper products.  We did fuchsia menus with jewels, circle escort cards which we hung from a tree, and fun signs and stickers for their cookie bar.  It was a fabulous and fun wedding with a lot of bling and color!  A special thank you to Renee Bergman who was their wedding photographer and provided me with the pictures!

January 6, 2009

One of my favorite elementary school memories was creating boxes for our Valentine’s Day Party. I loved using shoe boxes because they could hold a lot of cards and candy.  Valentine’s Day is the only day that allows the use of pink and red at the same time.  So, I’m mixing them while I can!  I designed some 3.5×5 Valentines for you to send to your friends and loved ones.  I’ve had people telling me that time slipped away from them and they were unable to send Christmas cards.  There is still plenty of time to order and send Valentines.  These are small, economical, and much more fun than the ones that come in a cardboard box.

If you want any custom designs done, feel free to ask!

Products: Valentines
Inspiration: “…pink, red, candy hearts, LOVE.”
Timeline: 1 week
Brand: Flossy Stylish Design

December 29, 2008



Whether you’re writing thank-you notes for your wedding gifts or for your Christmas presents, it is very important to thank the person specifically for what they bought you.  I don’t believe in pre-printed generic thank-you cards… even if you had 350 people come to your wedding.  If they took the time to choose a gift for you, you must take the time to thank them.  Some people choose to purchase pre-printed thank-you notes that say “Thank you for the wedding gift.  We appreciate your kindness.  Love, Jane and Jack” but I don’t recommend it!

For example, if they bought you a Kitchen Aid mixer, you can thank them by saying how much you’ve enjoyed using it to make homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Basically, make sure that you mention the actual gift.  I like telling people how I’ve used it as well. 

Here are a few samples of recent thank-you notes I’ve done. They don’t have to be super fancy!  In fact, I really like a 4×5 flat card with a monogram at the top.  It’s also fun to include a photo.  Feel free to Contact Me with any questions or ordering information.

Products: Thank you Notes
Inspiration: “…weddings, vintage airplanes, and modern art.”
Timeline: 1 week
Brand: Flossy Stylish Design, 1 piece of orignal artwork by Envelopments