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April 20, 2012

My friend Kate has a very successful blog, The Shopping Mama, which informs readers about the best products for kids. I took this from her “About” page:

The Shopping Mama has grown to “[O]ne of the more successful online ‘mommy blogs’ that review new children’s products and swap ideas with other young mothers across the country.” (Financial Times, May 2010)

Kate commissioned me to create custom baby announcements for their newest bundle of joy, Max.  She recently created a post featuring the announcement, which made me feel pretty special!

Please check out her blog for informative, fun, and valuable information.  It is a well-written blog with multiple writers and reviewers.  It will save you time when shopping for your children because Shopping Mama has already done the research!



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June 21, 2011

I LOVE designing baby shower invitations.  A lot of my past brides are now starting families, and I am honored every time one of them has me create another invitation for an important life event.  Thank you Emily from EME Photography for these images. 

 Whether you want a flat card or something more elaborate, we have something to fit your budget! 

The shower below was a SURPRISE!  So I tried to reiterate that point by making it really large on the invitation.


I have been on a stork kick… I drew the stork below for a family shower, and I was able to use it again for one of my best friends who had twins.



The folded card below was a diaper shower for a 2nd baby.  Love it! 


The invitation below was created to match a Burberry type of pattern.  I had to add birds because I love them!


The design below was created to match the baby bedding.  The invitation hanging to the left was created for her family shower with similar colors, but a different design. 


June 18, 2011



Photos by EME Photography

I LOVE creating baby and bridal shower invitations, and when I am helping with the planning, I know that the little extra details make the event even more special.  I started creating these shadow boxes with the invitation and other shower elements in them.  They dress up the guest sign-in or game tables, and they are a great gift to send home with the bride or mom-to-be.  I created these two for baby showers (one was  for my gorgeous nephew), and they are both being used as artwork for the nurseries.

I created this one with pieces of the wedding invitation and her bridal shower invitation.  I had to take a picture of it with my camera phone… not quite as nice as the professional ones… but you get it.

2011-06-18 10 15 13

I can create these for you, or they are a fun DIY project!

November 22, 2010


If you don’t feel like you’re going to have time to send out cards this year, consider sending a New Year’s Greeting or Valentine Cards.

If you want to send them out in time for Christmas, we can create custom designs suited for your needs.  We have produced everything from Newsletters and elaborate, layered cards to flat photo cards or circular cards that can be used as ornaments.  We can also create custom gift tags or stickers for your presents!  Also, view the previous post to see the shapes and sizes we can do for you!

Addressing of the envelopes is included, which will save you a lot of time!  The beautiful photos were taken by Emily Estfan of EME Photography.

Christmas 9Christmas 215X5 2

We hope that you have a very Happy Thanksgiving filled withfood, friends, and family!

October 5, 2010


This year, we are offering new shapes for photo Christmas cards!  They are double sided and can be printed on linen, shimmer, watercolor, or matte cardstock.  They range from $2 to $3 a piece depending on the design, and include addressed envelopes!  We can also add a hole punch to the round card, creating a cute ornament!

These can also be used for baby announcements!

Also,  this year we will be selling electronic copies of the rectangular 4×6 or 5×7 Holiday cards for $15.  That way, you can print them on your own or have them printed on photo paper at Walgreens or CostCo!  If you would rather have them on nice cardstock but want to save some money, consider sending postcards.  It eliminates the cost of the envelope, and the postage is less expensive!

If you are too busy to remember to send out Christmas cards in December, we can design Thanksgiving or New Year’s cards!