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June 21, 2011

I LOVE designing baby shower invitations.  A lot of my past brides are now starting families, and I am honored every time one of them has me create another invitation for an important life event.  Thank you Emily from EME Photography for these images. 

 Whether you want a flat card or something more elaborate, we have something to fit your budget! 

The shower below was a SURPRISE!  So I tried to reiterate that point by making it really large on the invitation.


I have been on a stork kick… I drew the stork below for a family shower, and I was able to use it again for one of my best friends who had twins.



The folded card below was a diaper shower for a 2nd baby.  Love it! 


The invitation below was created to match a Burberry type of pattern.  I had to add birds because I love them!


The design below was created to match the baby bedding.  The invitation hanging to the left was created for her family shower with similar colors, but a different design. 


June 18, 2011



Photos by EME Photography

I LOVE creating baby and bridal shower invitations, and when I am helping with the planning, I know that the little extra details make the event even more special.  I started creating these shadow boxes with the invitation and other shower elements in them.  They dress up the guest sign-in or game tables, and they are a great gift to send home with the bride or mom-to-be.  I created these two for baby showers (one was  for my gorgeous nephew), and they are both being used as artwork for the nurseries.

I created this one with pieces of the wedding invitation and her bridal shower invitation.  I had to take a picture of it with my camera phone… not quite as nice as the professional ones… but you get it.

2011-06-18 10 15 13

I can create these for you, or they are a fun DIY project!

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June 17, 2011

Check out some of the pretty paper products on Emily Estfan’s blog  Also, here is the beautiful slideshow she created.

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June 15, 2011

I grew up in a small town in Kansas.  It was important to show appreciation in a tight knit community.  Parents did business with each other, kids played together… we all saw each other every day.  After birthdays, graduation, Christmas, etc., my mom would sit me down, hand me some pretty note cards, and have me write a personal note to each person that had given me a gift.  I am sure I tried to get out of it, but I remember trying to convey my thankfulness for each gift… mainly so I would get another the next year.  Now that I’ve grown up (a little bit), I love receiving thank-you notes.  I save some of them because I am weird; but I also save them because they remind me that I need to send them to others… I want other people to have reassurance that their generosity- whether it be a physical gift or a gift of their time- didn’t go unnoticed. 

I realize that a new trend in wedding thank you notes is to buy a pre-printed “thank you for the wedding gift” message.  If you purchase custom thank you notes from Flossy, however, the inside will provide plenty of room for a special personalized message from YOU.  I read in an etiquette guide that couples have 1 year after the wedding to complete their thank-you notes.  I recommend sending them immediately after receiving the gift… or less than a month or so after the wedding.  It’s also nice to put how you’re enjoying using said gift… “We really have put the beautiful throw you gave us to good use… it has kept us very warm on our movie nights!”. 




We can create stylish notes with a monogram or wedding photo.  It’s a great way to put your beautiful wedding photos to good use.   Thank Yous are also a great shower gift!  I included a few photos of some we created in 2010-2011.