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December 29, 2008



Whether you’re writing thank-you notes for your wedding gifts or for your Christmas presents, it is very important to thank the person specifically for what they bought you.  I don’t believe in pre-printed generic thank-you cards… even if you had 350 people come to your wedding.  If they took the time to choose a gift for you, you must take the time to thank them.  Some people choose to purchase pre-printed thank-you notes that say “Thank you for the wedding gift.  We appreciate your kindness.  Love, Jane and Jack” but I don’t recommend it!

For example, if they bought you a Kitchen Aid mixer, you can thank them by saying how much you’ve enjoyed using it to make homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Basically, make sure that you mention the actual gift.  I like telling people how I’ve used it as well. 

Here are a few samples of recent thank-you notes I’ve done. They don’t have to be super fancy!  In fact, I really like a 4×5 flat card with a monogram at the top.  It’s also fun to include a photo.  Feel free to Contact Me with any questions or ordering information.

Products: Thank you Notes
Inspiration: “…weddings, vintage airplanes, and modern art.”
Timeline: 1 week
Brand: Flossy Stylish Design, 1 piece of orignal artwork by Envelopments